Great Transit Connect accessories

There's a good variety of Transit Connect accessories to get for your Ford van, ranging from vices to boxes, drawers and much more. Just as shelves and racks are important for any business and professional handyman to have inside their van it's just as important to make sure to have the various accessories needed with those shelves and racks. After all, without boxes, drawers and various other items you can't really put much use to what you've installed inside your van. 

With the addition of said Transit Connect accessories, you will have an easier time organising tools and equipment for the work van in question. Outside of organising you can add things like vices, as previously mentioned, along with smartboxes, holders for paper towels, hooks and magnetic strips. Regarding where to acquire such accessories there's no better way than the same place where you can get good quality shelves and racks which in this case ought to be Work System.

Accessories and racks

With the Transit Connect accessories from Work System you can add a lot of functionality as well as making it easier to access and organise the tools and equipment you bring with and store inside y our Ford Transit van. Their products all are of high quality and come with a 36 month long guarantee, making them a safe choice to purchase racks, shelves and accessories from. 

Their modular design also means you don't have to get everything at once but can instead add things to your van when you need or want it.​